Designer Profile



Marco Grisolia is a fashion designer, stylist, and professor at the Academy of Costume and Fashion and the European Institute of Design in Rome.
An innate passion for art and a particular aesthetic sensibility led him to embark on a path which initially took shape during his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, where he specialized in painting, and while working as a graphic designer and consultant for a well known record company.  However, it was his experience at Pal Zileri―working as an assistant to the creative development team― that decided his 2010 debut in fashion design with the clothing line, Covherlab, and immediately situated the designer as a stand out in the panorama of new talents.  Grisolia’s creations have appeared in prestigious Italian and international magazines and blogs such as Vogue Italia, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Fashion Gone Rogue, Design Scene, and ASVOF. 2014 marks the beginning of a new artistic and personal path for the designer, who launched his namesake independent label, Marco Grisolia, with the debut of a Spring Summer 2014 collection, a project that expresses his aesthetic point of view through an all-encompassing approach.



Marco Grisolia is an independent label that formed in 2014 as the natural continuation of a research project – started with Covherlab – through which the designer legitimized an idea of fashion that strives to be, first and foremost, an intelligent point of view on clothing as a continually in flux, nonverbal dialogue. The creative process takes the infinite facets of the quotidian as a point of departure, reinterpreting them through a syncretic approach that combines charm, iconographic references, and artistic currents.  The brand is anagrammatic in nature, in its rereading of genres and languages; working off the platform of a precise image, new aesthetic codes are tested and re-established, constantly hovering in the liminal space between ephemerality and artistry.